Meeting Location

Astronomy Department
96 Foss Hill Drive
Van Vleck Observatory 101
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT 06459

(860) 685-3669 (office)
(860) 685-2131 (fax)

Schedule: June 21, 2013

Time Speaker Title
10:30   Welcome
10:50 Meredith Hughes Planet Formation through Radio Eyes
11:10 Nikku Madhusudhan Chemical Characterization of Exoplanets
11:30 Seth Redfield Blue Skies in Terrestrial Exoplanet Atmospheres
11:50 Adam Jensen Exploring Extended Atmospheres of Exoplanets
12:10 Picnic Lunch
1:40 Bill Herbst Circumbinary Planet Formation in the T Tauri star KH 15D
2:00 Tabby Boyajian The Planethunters Citizen Science Project
2:20 Kevin Flaherty Kinks and Dents in Protoplanetary Disks: Rapid Infrared Variability as Evidence for Large Structural Perturbations
2:40 Break
3:30 Marty Gilmore The view through the Venus clouds
3:50 Debra Fischer Searching for Planets